Did you get the job? 4 tips to help you ace that interview

Applying for a job is hard work. There’s no getting around that. It’s also mentally draining, especially if you’re currently out of work and you’re feeling the pressure to get back on the career ladder. When you send off your resume, you have to ensure that it is completely error free and accurate, and if you have to include a cover letter then the pressure to ensure it flows well, has clarity and creates a positive image of you is pretty intense. It’s perfectly normal to start second guessing yourself: Do I need to include citations if I’m referencing an article? Check out this citation generator including the correct MLA format here. Should I provide references now or later? Are there any details they don’t need to know about me? It’s enough to make you throw in the towel already!

But if you persevere, and you actually land a job interview then it all suddenly seems worth it! Now you just have to get over this one last hurdle, ace the interview and start your new job. Sounds easy, right?

Check out these 4 tips to help you ace that interview.

Do your research

If you want to make a good impression, then researching the company you’re interviewing for is a great place to start. By doing a few simple searches, you can discover the company’s ethos, find out who their competitors are, and who/where their biggest client base is. When asked questions, you’ll hopefully be able to weave in some extra information that is relevant to the company and how they operate. 

Remember and practice your “selling points”

So, why do you want this job? Don’t let a simple question like this make you stumble. Or worse – reply that you need the money. Even if that is a major factor for you right now a prospective employer will be expecting a much better answer then that. It’s at these moments that you need to be able to provide answers that sell you as an employee. Let them know what interests you about the job, and why you think you have the skills needed. What makes you think you’re the best candidate for the role? You also need to display an interest and a genuine enthusiasm for the job itself here. If, for example you have good communication skills, let them know and follow it up with an example.

Always have your own questions prepared

This is your time to shine. And the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how much research into the company you have done. Ask them about a particular article you read about them or a statistic on their website. Ask them what they love about working there. If you don’t have any questions ready, you’ll either look unprepared or not particularly interested in the role.

Be early!

Ten minutes early is just enough time to ensure you don’t miss you interview, and it gives you time to breathe, take in your surroundings and compose yourself. Go over your notes, grab a drink of water, and try to settle those nerves!